en série limitée

5 notebooks pack

collection les pages blanches d'Ich&Kar

Ich&Kar 2012


Five notebooks in a limited edition of 160 numbered copies. 160 pages to write down your thoughts and wishes. Sweet words, harsh words. Express yourself and maybe start writing your own novel… The ultimate object for any notebooks collector. Notes, travel journal, inspirations or scribbling notebook. A must have fashion item which surely but discreetly reveals your personality. Like a small book of quality paper blank pages, it has a sewed binding and a fine finish. Stylish and convenient, just lay it down on a table or a desk. Covers come in imitation leather or fabric, in audacious colors. Fetishist object, essential talisman, it will follow you everywhere you go. In pocket size to be taken out at anytime, like a dove from the magician hat, it will impress your girlfriends and make your nostrils flare.


5 notebooks

160 pages

limited edition

size 11x16 cm

50,00 €

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